The Sleeping Beauty

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To avoid online fees, you can call the Herberger Theater Center at (602) 252-8497 or stop by the box office to purchase in person.


Click your specific cast schedule for more information
Ballet Theare of Phoenix-273

Primary 1 and 2 Saturdays, Primary 3 Wednesday/Saturday, Creative Movement Wednesday, and Creative Movement Saturday 9:00am.

Ballet Theare of Phoenix-483

Primary 1 Wednesday, Primary 2 Tuesday, Primary 3 Tuesday/Friday, Creative Movement Thursday, and Creative Movement Saturday 10:15am.

Ballet Theare of Phoenix-367

Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 - 7.

Know Before You Go!

Please, plan for 15 extra minutes so you can park and then walk your dancer to the stage door for check-in. There is no safe drop-off spot on E. Van Buren St. However, there are many parking options downtown, including metered street spots. Click here to see the parking information provided by the Herberger. The Arizona Center, which is the cheapest parking garage in the area, has an entrance at 401 E. Fillmore St. You can pre-purchase Arizona Center parking from the Herberger or get your parking ticket validated at the Box Office, both options are $6.

  1. Clean or new tights and ballet slippers.
  2. Water bottle.
  3. NUT free snack - no almond, peanut, or any type of nut/butters as we have dancers with allergies. 
  4. A mess free snack - no "orange" foods (like Cheetos or Doritos) or chocolate.
    1. Think apples, applesauce, pretzels, cheese sticks, graham crackers, oat granola bars, etc.
  5. A robe, wrap dress, or oversized button-up shirt to serve as a backstage cover-up.
  6. Extra pony tails, bobby pins, hairspray, hair brush, and hair gel for touch ups.
  7. Extra makeup for touch ups. Creative Movement - Primary 3 will put lipstick on once they are in  costume. 
  8. A screen free and quiet activity, including coloring books, games, and books. Please, NO markers.
  9. A blanket or yoga mat to sit on backstage while in the dressing room.