Adult Open Ballet Class Schedule

Our 2017 Adult Open Ballet Class schedule is shown below.
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Last Updated 8/21/2017.
Open Adult Schedule – August 21 2017

Class Descriptions


The body has its own inner song, which can be expressed in a myriad of ways. This class is comprised primarily of floor work with a focus on integration of the eyes, the spine and limbs. Through gentle stretching and rolling sequences we explore basic developmental movements that nourish your tissues and prepare you for your day. Floor play is followed by standing movements involving joint articulations and larger body motions. No movement experience is required but a willingness to roll on the floor is essential.


Using elements of ballet, the class takes place lying on the floor. Through very simple movements, the feet and legs are articulated in parallel and external rotation, on the floor and off the floor. Most of the class takes place on one’s back and side-lying. This is a wonderful class to build strength and tone in the hips, legs and feet; wonderful for rehabbing for injuries. No dance experience required.


Introduction and exploration of the GYROKINESIS® stool series. Explore the patterns of the spine and accompanying arm motions. Learn the various breathing patterns. Some floor work. No experience necessary. Great class for reviewing fundamentals.

GYROKINESIS® Method 1: Originally called Yoga for Dancers, GYROKINESIS® is a flow yoga class developed by Juliu Horvath designed to promote coordinated fluidity and whole-body suppleness. The class begins on stools, progresses to the floor and finishes with standing sequences. Based on movements from dance, yoga, swimming and the martial arts, this 75 minute class warms, nourishes and invigorates the entire body through gentle, undulating movement and breath.

GYROKINESIS® is a licensed trademark of the Gyrotonic Sales Corp. and used with permission.